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Buy Tokens

Buy Tokens is where you can use the Bot to buy tokens using the wallets that you have linked to you account.
Once you select Buy Tokens from the Main Menu, you will be brought to the Buy Tokens menu. Here you will be able to enter the requirements for the token you wish to buy.

Token Address:

The "Token Address" button is where you will enter the contract address of the token that you wish to buy. It is important that you enter this information correctly, otherwise you may end up with an error or buying the wrong token.
Once you have successfully entered the contract address, will receive a message from the bot, showing the token being added to your buy order. It will show you the address you have entered, as well as the token name, so you can double check here that you have entered the correct contract address.

Buy Amount:

Once you have added the Token address, you can now look to add the amount of ETH you would like to spend. You can do this by selecting the "Buy Amount" button.
Once you have selected the amount to buy in ETH, you will be met with another confirmation message from the bot, confirming the amount of the token you wish to buy in ETH.

Buy Wallet

Once you have selected how much of the token you want to buy in ETH, you will need to select the wallet you wish to use. To do this, you will simply select the "Buy Wallet" button. This will give you a response from the bot showing you all of the wallets linked to your account, and how much ETH they contain.
Upon selecting the wallet you wish to use, you will once again, receive a confirmation from the bot on the wallet that has been selected for the buy order.

Submit Buy

Now you have entered all the necessary information into the bot, you are ready to submit your buy. We recommend you double check all the details you have entered so far. Once you are happy with the details you've submitted, simply select "BUY".
You should now receive a confirmation of your Token purchase.