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Copy Alpha Trading

Copy Alpha Trading allows you to mirror the trades of another wallet, so yours makes the same trades.
After selecting "Copy Alpha Trading" at the main menu, you will be taken to the Copy Alpha Trading menu. Here you will find everything you need to set up Copy Alpha Trading.

Trading Wallet

The first thing you'll want to do when setting up Copy Alpha Trading is to select the wallet that you would like to make your trades. This will start as being your default wallet. If you wish to change it, please got to "Wallet" from the Main Menu, and from there click "Switch Wallets". Once you have done this, your wallet should update when you come back to Trading Wallet.

ETH to spend (per trade)

Once you have your wallet chosen, you will then need to select the amount of ETH you wish to spend per trade. To do this, simply click the "ETH to spend (per trade)" button and enter the amount of ETH you would like to spend per trade, e.g. "0.001" would put you at 0.001ETH per trade.