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Sell Limit

Sell Limit allows you to sell a token you hold and automatically sell the token at a set profit % change.
After clicking "Sell Limit" on the Main Menu, you will be taken to the Sell Limit menu. Here you will be able to set up all the specifics you need to use the Sell Limit tool.

First thing you'll want to do is to add the contract address of the token that you wish to sell. You can add this by clicking the "Token for Sell Order" button and responding to the bot with the contract address.

Now you have the contract address added, you'll need to set the amount of the token you wish to sell in ETH. To do this, you'll select "Amount to Sell in ETH" and simply add the amount you'd like to sell, e.g. 0.4 would get you 0.4ETH.

Once you have decided how much you'd like to sell, you now need to select which wallet that you would like to sell from. To do this, simply click "Limit Sell Wallet" and enter the number of the wallet that you wish to use. The bot will respond showing you the wallets added to your account and the number allocated to them, so you can check there if you are unsure.

Now you can finally set the % change that you wish to sell at. To do this, click the "Set Sell Limit" button and respond to the bot with the amount that you would like to sell at, for example if you'd like to sell at 20% profit, enter 20 etc...

You are now all set up and ready to go with the Sell Limit tool, we recommend that you double check all your details one last time. Once you are finally happy with them, you can now press "SUBMIT" and you should receive a response from the bot with a confirmation that your Sell Limit order went through.