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Settings is where you can come to tune the bot however best suits your needs.


Through your settings you are able to choose how much EXTRA GWEI you would like to use ABOVE the BASE NETWORK GWEI. You can apply this to both buys & sells. We reccommend using an extra of 10+ for ensuring consistent speedy transaction success.


Slippage refers to the difference betweent he expected price of an order and the price when the order actually executes. The slippage percentage will reflect how much the price for a token has actually moved. You will have a range to select between 0% -> Unlimited, allowing for movement in the price.

Auto Approve

By selecting this setting to be [ON] you permit the bot to auto-approve the token upon purchasing. We reccomend selecting this to to be ON. This allows for a quicker sell when the time comes, as the token is already approved. This will use the base network gwei.


Users are given the option to turn MEV [ON] allowing for your transactions to be hidden from the mempool, preventing sandwich attacks.


  1. 1.
    During a sandwichers simulation, he simulates an attack, and see's that your trade would give him 0.3 ETH. These are the factors in play here: Gas price (GWEI)
    • Higher GWEI = more expensive to compete, i.e less profit / no for sandwich bot
    • Faster TX = less chance / time the attacker has to simulate, build and send tx etc. less chance that other attackers catch on etc.
    Buy Value (In relation to liquidity)
    • Your buy value was big enough, to secure a mev bot a sizable profit.
    • Buys between 0.01 & 0.08 are also prone to being sandwiched, but its less likely due to less profit from the sandwich simulation.
    • You had a 100% slippage which is fine, IF YOU HAVE HIGH ENOUGH GAS
    • If you did not have slippage at a 100%, and say for example at 50%, your tx would probably go through since there werent any big buys, likewise the marketcap and liquidity is big enough to still have a somewhat stable price unless theres a HUGE buy or HUGE sell in the same block.
    • Since your slippage would be at 50% sandwiching is not possible, since if said user sandwiched you, your TX would fail, meaning his sandwich simulation would fail.
  2. 2.
    If mev is enabled or not
    • tdlr, if mev is enabled you can still get sandwiched, its just much less likely. We would advise having it on for ALL trades. Our MEV system is very fast so you won't suffer from the lack of speed as you would elsewhere.
For example, on a manual buy for a post-launch token with less volatility, I would probably use;
  • 50% slippage
  • 60 GWEI
That would have 100% go through, no sandwiching. For a smaller risk mode signal, I would do:
  • 90-100% slippage
  • 80-120 GWEI
Everyone's finance situation is different.
Every trading & token situation is different. Please adjust accordingly. Overtime we are looking to implement a more user-friendly gas system which auto-adjusts to the base network & allows you to add extra if you want to. We will keep you posted on this with updates both on this page and in our announcement channel.