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Signal Autosniper

To use the Signal Autosniper, simply select the "Signal Autosniper" button at the main menu. You will then be directed to the Signal Autosniper menu where you can set it up.

Select Signal

We have a variety of signals that you are able to automate the sniping of. You can find the list of signals under the "Select Signal" button.
To choose a signal you'd like to snipe, simply select the button of the signal you would like to snipe. You will then see the signal you have selected on the "Select Signal" button as well as in the response from the bot.

Trading Wallet

Once you have selected your signal, you will need to select the wallet you wish to use. To do this, you will simply select the "Trading Wallet" button. This will give you two responses from the bot, one will show you your available wallets to select from, and the other will ask you to enter the Number assigned to your wallet, e.g. "1" or "2" etc...
Upon selecting the wallet/wallets you wish to use, you will once again, receive a confirmation from the bot on the wallet that has been selected.

Buy Amount

Once you have selected your wallet/wallets, you can now look to add the amount of ETH you would like to spend. You can do this by selecting the "Buy Amount" button.
Once you have selected the amount to buy in ETH, you will be met with another confirmation message from the bot, confirming the amount you wish to spend on the Autosniper per call.
Please be aware that the "Buy Amount" you set is per call. This amount will be spent each time a call is made by the signal until you manually stop the sniper.

Take Profit

Now you have added the amount you wish to buy per call, you will now need to set the amount of profit you wish take. You can do this by selecting the "Take Profit" button.
Once you have selected the "Take Profit" button, you will receive a response from the bot asking you to enter the profit multiple you wish the bot to sell at. For example, if you type 3, the bot will sell your tokens when it reaches 3x profit. This profit will come back to the wallet you have purchased the tokens from.


Once you have entered all the necessary details to the bot, you are ready to begin autosniping signals. To turn on the sniper, please select the "START SNIPER" button. Once you have done this, you will now be live autosniping the signal you selected.


The Signal Autosniper is completely automated, it will not stop until you tell it to. Once you wish to stop the bot, simply click the "STOP SNIPER" button. Once you select this, you will receive a confirmation that the bot has stopped.