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Token Autosniper

Upon selecting "Token Autosniper" at the Main Menu, you will be taken to the Token Autosniper Menu. This menu will allow you to set up everything you need to start sniping token liquidity automatically.

Token Address

The "Token Address" button will allow you to add the contract address of the token you wish to snipe. To add the address, simply select the button, and then reply to the bots response with the token address.
You will then receive a confirmation from the bot that you have successfully added the Token Address to the sniper.

Buy Wallet

Once you have successfully added the token you wish to snipe, you can now look to add the wallet that you wish to snipe from. To do this, simply select the "Buy Wallet" button and respond to the bot with the wallet that you wish to use.


Now you just need to select the amount of ETH you are looking to spend. To do this, click the "Amount" button and enter the amount of ETH you wish to spend, e.g. 0.2 would set you to spend 0.2ETH.


We now recommend that you double check all of the settings that you have entered into the bot. Once you are set on everything you have input in the bot, you just have to click "BEGIN SNIPING" and you should be live. You'll know that you we're successful if you receive a confirmation response from the bot telling you so.