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View Active Trades

View Active Trades is where you can view your Live trades to see how they are currently performing.
If you have purchased a token or coin using ProphetBots, you will have opened an active trade. You can check these active trades by selecting the "View Active Trades" button, found on the Main Menu. Once clicking the button, you will be taken to the active trade section, where you will see a response from the bot like the one below:
⚖️ The first row of your Active Trade shows you the name of the token with a link to the Dextools and Etherscan, how many active buys you have on the active token, and your wallet that holds the token.
💸 The second row will show you the price of the token when you first bought in on the token in ETH.
💰 Row three shows the current price of the token.
📊 The fourth row shows you the % change in the token price since your first buy.
⏰ The final row is showing you the amount of time it has been since you opened the trade by making your first buy on the token.