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Wallet is where you can add existing wallets to the bot, generate new wallets, transfer funds between wallets and delete wallets on the account.
Your next step will then to go to wallet, where you will then be able to either link an existing wallet or where you can generate a new one. You can add up to 5 wallets if you hold 1000 $PROPHET or more in the wallet that is linked to your Telegram account through Collab land.

If you have an existing wallet that you would like to link to the bot, you will need to select the "Link Wallet" button. This will trigger a response from the bot, asking you to add the private key of your wallet.
Do not share your Private Key with anyone other than the Official ProphetBot. If you are unsure whether you are on the Official bot, you can check by clicking the ProphetBot name at the top of the bot and check the username matches @officialprophetbot or follow this link
Once you have added your Private Key to the bot, you will receive a message of confirmation that your wallet has been added successfully.

Generate Wallet

If you wish to generate a wallet, all you have to do is simply click the "Generate Wallet" button and the bot will generate you a wallet.
If you generate a wallet, please note down your Private Key and Wallet Address somewhere secure. Information stored in our database is inaccessible and is destroyed when you remove a wallet. Any lost information will be gone forever.

Switch Wallets

You can set up one of your wallets to be your default one. The default wallet will always then be selected by default whenever you go to any function on the bot. To switch your default wallet, select the "Switch Wallets" button. Once you select this button, you will be greeted with a message from the bot asking you which Wallet you wish to set as your default.
Select the wallet number from the list provided by the bot, e.g. 2, and this will make the wallet with the [2] next to it your default wallet. Once you have done this, you will receive confirmation that your default wallet has been switched.


Transfer allows you to send money from one of the wallets linked to the bot to another wallet. To do this, select "Transfer" and you will be taken to the Transfer menu.
Once you have arrived at the Transfer menu, you will be able to add all the details needed to send transfer ETH from one wallet to another.
To add a wallet address to send to, click the "Receiving Wallet", wait for the bot to respond and enter the address of the wallet you wish to receive the ETH.
To select the amount you wish to send, select "Send Amount", wait for the bot to respond and enter the amount you wish to send in ETH, e.g. 0.1 will send 0.1 ETH.
To select the wallet you wish to send from, click "Wallet Number to send from", wait for the bot to respond and then enter the number of the wallet on your account that you wish to send from.
Once you have correctly entered all the details, double check them, and then once you are happy, click "MAKE TRANSFER".
You should then receive a message from the bot, confirming your transfer.

Remove a Wallet

If you wish to remove a wallet from your account, all you need to do is select "Remove a Wallet" and then select the number of the wallet you wish to remove.
Once you have done this, you should receive a confirmation of the wallet that was removed, as well as a list of the remaining wallets in your account.