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Godmode 2.0


Godmode 2.0 takes user-driven profit to the next level.

The idea is simple.

We want users to theoretically be able to go on holiday for a week without ANY WiFi/Service, leave our autosniper running on our Godmode Signals, coming back to substantial profit covering their entire weeks holiday & beyond.

So... How is this done?

Our Godmode is built upon our most in-depth & detailed algorithm to date.

With 92% certainty, if a token goes to >$2M MC+ We will NOT miss it sub 100k MC. This has the STRONGEST filtration system out of all our signals.

Less shit. More Gems.
Access = 3000 $PROPHET


Godmode Risk ⚜️ Godmode Pro 🔱 Godmode Expert ⚡
All of them are built from the same algorithm, but with slightly different rating systems in each to tailor different types of trading styles. Lets go into each of them!

Godmode Risk ⚜️

This channel will have the highest frequency of plays. It is constantly scanning for newly launched, incredibly low marketcap tokens with the highest growth potential. Signals that pass our super rigorous rating system, but still prove to have some risk will be posted here. For those who hunt the x1000 trades rather than consistent profit, say hello to your new home.

Godmode Pro 🔱

The perfectly balanced signal group. High returns, with more confidence in growth potential but at a slightly higher entry point than in Godmode Risk. Go to sleep knowing that you won't miss a newly released token that flies to $1M+

Godmode Expert ⚡

As secure as a vault. Traders here can only expect a few signals a day. But this will of passed many, many, many hurdles for it to justify it being posted. These will be posted at slightly higher entry points than Risk & Pro. Built for the patient, sophisticated investor.

Godmode Lite 💡

Separate channel (Tier 0) 300 $PROPHET to access Posts 5-10 Godmode Risk Signals per day with Zero delay Accessible via AutoSniper (trade it on your own settings, fully automated - 1000 $PROPHET for AutoSniper access of which is releasing very soon)